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I want to confess on my life but I am too afraid that people cannot handle it. I've been abused in so many ways and so many times physically, verbally and mentally. I am alone. I've lost part of my faith.

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  • Don't give up ! You have survived so far and you can survive longer. You're not alone. I'm cheering for you ! Keep going

  • Don't ever lose hope. I know things are probably looking pretty bad right now, and maybe, you are feeling as if the anger and hatred has taken away the best of you. But, my dear unknown friend, the miracle that is called "tomorrow" is brought to you daily. And as these days passes by, you can choose to start to repair yourself and gather all the little pieces of you that has shattered or fumble in the darkness and blame the past, using it as a reason why you couldn't feel good about yourself. Because if you choose to fix what's broken, to slowly loving yourself again, seeing the beauty in things that has been masked in uglyness for so long. You will also be able to break free from the pain, the hatred and those who treats you bad. Don't give, maybe simply for the sake of being able to say "I made it trough". Because the feeling you get when you say that, well it's fucking worth it.

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