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Losing weight is impossible uhhhh! I'm gonna keep trying but still....I weigh the same as before T.T

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  • "Losing weight is impossible", well.. yes and no. Losing weight is impossible if you don't take action, physical action. Most people, like yourself, will cry and cry about not being able to lose weight because "mu genetics" but in fact, that's all lies! Here's a little secret, if you, yes YOU, have a calorie deficit EACH and every day, you lose weight! If you exercise, such as cardiovascular, a simple run on the treadmill, heck for even 20 mins a day, YOU WILL lose weight. NOW, if you lift weights and so on, YOU WILL lose weight, now here's where it gets intense... for it to be worth while, you need to sweat. That's it. So is it literally impossible? No. it's possible, just impossible to those with a mental block who like to tell themselves they are eating less and doing more when they really aren't. Fat people eat a lot, I have fat friends and they admit it, I love those guys, they are just so real. Then I have the friends who say "I try but just can't do it!" and know they have a mental block and have no will to do it. Look up on Google "how to lose weight", go for something coming from a forums, bodybuilding.com or .Co.uk is good, I forget which domain it is. Articles are a load of crap, first hand experience are what you want to read.

  • muscles weight more that fat, so that's that, weight wont always go away unless your anorexic

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