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What gay people are basically saying is that they were born that way and because of that we ought to love and accept them cos we're all God's children's and that nobody should be judged by the choices they make for themselves. Accepted! I hope it's fair to accept Child rapists, terrorists, suicide bombers, murderers, serial killers, abusive husbands, abusive parents, cannibals, child molesters, kidnappers and torturers, armed robbers, psychopaths religious fanatics, religious extremists etc.. because well... they were born that way and they are also God's children... simply because you're stupid doesn't mean it's okay to be stupid!!

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  • From a religious standpoint, we`re all made in God`s image. Yes, also the homosexuals, the rapists, the serial killers. So, because God made all of us in his image, it means He messed up when he created rapists, right? Well..this means God is not almighty and all-knowing. It means God also screws up. Which means He`s no God at all. Next time a little girl gets raped and killed and some asshole says "God works in mysterious ways" or "God called her back to Heaven", I`m going to slap that stupid, ignorant son of a bitch.

  • this misconception called bigotry..

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