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I'm 18, been in a relationship with my boyfriend for nearly two years. Well let's get to the point my boyfriend is Lithuanian, I'm trying my hardest to learn Lithuanian but is very hard. His family don't like me that much because I used to self harm, I smoked and because I wear LEGGINGS! Every time I wear my nicest clothes it doesn't approve to them, and now I'm pregnant with his baby they think it's okay to tell me not to live with my parents! My parents want me at home as its my first child. I HATE his older sister because she thinks I'm not up to her standers. She goes to uni in Cambridge! I'm dumb as fuck, well not that dumb. My family can't afford me going uni. Oh and what I find funny they hate my piercings, they want me to have mine and my boyfriends baby in Lithuania, and they want the my child's first language to be Lithuanian. Oh and another thing that's gets on my nerves my boyfriend brought MDMA and kept me up all night, I asked him and his mates to be quiet but they didn't listen. I had to leave the house at 5am to go my nans to go to sleep. I hate this relationship sometimes, but he's my everything.

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  • your 18 and you've smoked, you have piercings, you've had sex, and you're pregnant. sweetheart are you okay? maybe you should see a doctor of you're religious you should see a pastor

  • well.. it's not even okay for you to be 18 and pregnant.. you have a whole future ahead of you.. note: this isn't coming from some 40yr old nosy person.. I'm 21 and just concerned about your situation. I think you should stay with your parents.. at least I didn't see the part of your confession that states that you're married to him.

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