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Here's one messed up story for you all; Me, and my old best friends I knew from secondary school went out bus riding sounds sad I know, but as soon as we get to a bus stop to go somewhere my mate whistles at these boys there's like 5 of them, me and my two friends got on the bus, we sat half way at the back of the bus and the boys sat behind us. I got tapped on the shoulder by one of them asking me what nationality am I and I said British and asked them the same thing and they said Albanian they all started talking in their language then said to all of us if we are single I said no, and the other two said they was now we was getting stalked on Facebook by them because one of my mates told them our names. The next day I meet my mate she keeps going on about them Albanian boys saying she likes one of them I was thinking you idiot, then she persuaded me to go round theirs first it was okay... Then a few days went past my old best mate slept with the one she liked. Then when she told them I liked one of them I kept getting touched up so I went nuts and walked out. Then when I met up with her a week later I found out she was talking to them about me! Telling them I'd marry them for £3,000 I knew from then they wasn't meant to be in the country... The next day she took me up her "boyfriend's" mates house... They was smoking crack or something... I nearly got rapped 4 times and nearly got human trafficked because of that silly cunt. Oh and her boyfriends mate was 27, and got a 15 year old pregnant!

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  • Wow that is a wild story tbh

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