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I was dating a girl.for a while. (I'm a girl). But, my dad is homo phobic. When I finally worked up the courage to tell hime, he just made rude jokes about it. Ever since then I've noticed more things wrong with me. I'm ugly, fat, depressed, gay, a misfit, unwanted, delusional, sad, and not important. The list is so long that it's just sad.

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  • easy. get back to ur father and make rude joke about ur father.

  • HEY! I don't know about you father, maybe he is a nice guy, but if he doesn't accept you for who you are? Than he doesn't deserve such a nice daughter, I bet you are one ogf the most nicest, cutest and most charming girls out there, don't let your dad make you sad! Here! Take these cookies and give me a hug! *gives you cookies and offers a hug*

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