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When I was on vacation two years ago I met the greatest person i know. She's beautiful, intelligent, and she likes me a lot. I fell in love after our first conversation. After two weeks, we had to go home and found out that we live only 30 miles from each other. That was two years ago, I never saw her again, but we are still closely in contact (calls every day, whatsapp,...). And I still love her. I think its my true love. But I never told her. Today she has anniversary with her boyfriend. 1 1/2 years. It hurts every day, when I go to bed, when I get up, even when I sleep.

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  • sweep her off her feet. if you feel that she feels u, go for it...flowers, champagne etc..or steal her away and thae her to the same place you met. If things go worng, forget about her, but firts do you best!!!

  • Either tell her or move on. Is the right thing to do.

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