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We are having a huge heat wave in Germany, 40°C today in my village. And here I am, at 1:35 am, in a room under a black roof, without air conditioning. There is one single moth in my room, and because I can't sleep, I obviously have a small lamp on. And a tiny fan. That f*cking moth doesn't fly the straight path to the lamp, no, it has to fly in front of the fan. I removed that freaking thing from my face 15 times, and I swear to every possible god there may or may not be, if it touches my skin another single time, it's dead. I'm all pro moth-life and stuff, but after that damn insect smacked me in the eye, the fun was officially over.

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  • Oh gott. ich wohne in ner dachwohnung ohne Ventilation oder so, die Luft in Berlin steht still und ist so warm.

  • Ich bin Deutsch lernen

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