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I'm desperate to find a boyfriend but I'm feeling ugly and I can't imagine I would attract anyone.

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  • I am a girl and I never had problems with finding a boyfriend although I don't find myself very pretty.. In my perspective the way you feel inside or the way you would like to feel is very important to show to people and they will see and feel it, they will feel your vibe and someone will really appreciate it one day. U just have to find your best self and be it. My best friend was always telling me she was in the same situation as you and she said she gave up.. The problem is that she though she was giving up on finding a bf but in reality she gave up on her self! You will find someone, be patient do things you love and when you're brain talks about your flaws just tell him what is right! <3

  • Where do you live? How can others proof you wrong of your doubts?

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