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My friends are picking at me because I don't party, drink, do drugs or have boyfriends. I feel like I have experience life a lot more than them even though I'm a 22 virgin girl.

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  • So, a guy on the site posted basically the same thing- and he was younger! All he got in the comments were people putting him down for it. A girl confesses it and gets nothing but support. This site is hilarious. But good going, keep it that way. Bad confession, but good lifestyle choice.

  • There is a time and place for everything. If this is your way of being different from your group and if it gives you that little boost that "i'm better than them for not doing what they do" then your fault is the same as theirs(only the means differ). If you don;t like it then why do you stay with them? change your friends into something more suitable or party with your current friends(don't do too much drugs though) and stop acting like a delicate snowflake it's something that i hate

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