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I need someone's opinion. There's this girl 22 years old I asked out recently. We had a small date at a small cafe for breakfast. I learned quite a bit about her, and her me. I thought we had a good time, then I dropped her off for the day. I asked if she wanted to go on another date to the movies with dinner, she said yes! This was over a week ago. I've given her times and dates, but she hasn't really replied. She said 'text me!' so I did, and she hasn't replied to the topic. I'm confused why she won't reply. we had a great time. Shared smiles, conversed, connected, etc. but she hasn't replied on the topic of our next date. *She says she's very straight forward with things, and from my few week experience with her, she is.* So I don't know if she doesn't want a second date, but if she didn't wouldn't she just say so? Or is she just (no offense ladies) being a woman? I'm a very mature 19 year old male. We get along great, and share many interests and personalities. Please, if anyone could maybe help me get a better grasp of what's happening, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you all!

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  • UPDATE: for everyone that posted, I wanna say Thank You. Also, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! And now to the update; the girl didn't wanna date anymore. She said "You're a great guy with an amazing personality. You have many of the things I want in a man, it's just you're too young for me, and I want an older man. I'm sorry, please don't be mad"... Obviously I wasn't mad or anything. but we talked and it's final. So, again thanks everyone, and if you have any further comments, feel free to post! Thanks!

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