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In this world, I always try to fit in. I want my skin to lighten. I want my hair straight and long. I want to be skinny. I want to wear those skirts. I want to be able wear those cute clothes. I want to be the girl many guys would want. I want that proud nose. I want those long skinny legs. I want so much things that I feel like I'm not myself anymore.

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  • Big Sis, if you want to change your weight then do so. You can wear cute skirts as a thick girl or a chubby girl. It's all about presentation. You can be cute, and alluring. Bear in mind chubby or thick are not the same as obese. If you're not obese then don't worry too much. And besides Big Sis, contrasting skins in a relationship has an appeal. I'm sure there are plenty of guys with lighter skin too shy to make a first move.

  • the world is not a wish granting factory my dear :) im skinny and hate it, there are barely any perks in being skinny

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