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im 18.. i dont hv a job. im waiting until next yr to get into a university.. my parents wont let me get a job.. i have no resources to start my own buisnes from home. i hardly have any money,my parents expects me to look after the house for a yr while im not empoyed nor a student.. and i am sick and tired of being treated like a maid. please tell me there has to be something good around the corner..

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  • study online. learn something. you have the world knowledge in your fingertips. believe me, it pays off. i just wish i had more time for it

  • i've been in the same situation like yours.. like srsly.. i've stopped school, been the official "maid" of our house, but i don't mind it, since i'm the only non-worker.. until i get tired, and that's the time it hits me that this won't do.. so i asked my friends to lend me some money, started my own mini online shop.. and with the help of my big sis i am now on my 3rd year college.

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