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"You support gay rights so you must be gay" I support animal rights but do I look like a fucking alpaca to you

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  • To all those hate comments below... Live and let live. Why won't people just focus on their own sex lifes instead of raving on about how their neighbours John and Richard are going to kickstart human extinction with their private late night activities. It's not like the Earth is rapidly rising towards overpopulation or anything... I mean, we obviously need more babies; those orphans don't deserve to have a good home at all, their straight parents abandoned them for no reason other than their lack of responsibility, but that gay couple who helps out at the animal shelter absolutely can't adopt them because they'll infect the poor children with their unnatural evil freakishness... Anyone see the logic? Because I don't. Just focus on your own damn life and let others focus on theirs.

  • yass

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