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I was raised in a Christian-Jewish home, my moms whole side Christian and my dads few members Jew. I'm fully Jew now (15) but I want more of a relationship with God but won't allow myself to get closer. My moms side always preaches the New Testament to me but I believe in the Old.. I feel very lonely because of my decisions bc my mom and her fiance are very Christian and do good deeds and have a God they love.. and I dont know where I stand .. nor do I feel loved by God.

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  • I'm Jewish and just wanted to tell you that by Jewish law you are only Jewish if your mother is Jewish

  • I kind of know what you mean. I sought out a relationship with God and for awhile I found it and then it felt like he just disappeared... I want it back but I don't know how to go about it and I don't know if I'll feel rejected again.

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