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Every time I try to lose weight, I can't seem to actually lose the weight. That gets me really upset, which I combat with overeating, since food makes me feel happy. I need serious help. I just don't know who to ask. Somebody help me. I don't want to eat myself to death. I'm not even 18 yet.

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  • Do not let the scale show your weight loss progress. Use your clothes as a guide. Do NOT diet. Eat well and healthy. Do not skip any meals. Do not deny yourself a little of something tasty and do not take supplements or shakes. Try o eat to 80% full. Drink a glass of water before each meal. measure food beforehand if you can't control yourself during. Exercise AND eat healthy. As you work and burn calories, you also gain muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat, to getting healthier sometimes means staying the same weight or even gaining a little. Stay consistent. Don't work really hard til it hurts, then skip for the rest of the week. A little bit of change and stick with it.

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