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One of my friends always feels the need to talk loud all the time. I feel so bad for his parents, because he is 14 and is a total dickhead with no manners. He still chews with his mouth open and DEFENDS IT. "If you don't like it, then don't look at it". NIGGA I GOT EARS TOO! He also self diagnosed himself with Tourette's, tics and ocd, but they're all just superstitions based on turning into people. "I can't eat this if I just saw someone else eat it because I'll turn into them. I also can't have my food point towards someone else before I eat it because I'll also turn into them." Idk what to do about it, and it's SO annoying! He even spits on things, including himself (very unsanitary) to claim them as his, like WTF. SOMEONE HELP.

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  • hey! maybe it's better talk to him about his habit. Then look at his response. If he want to hear you and stop his habit, I think you should help him to change. But ig don't want to hear you, I think it's better to leave him with his annoying habit.

  • sounds like he has a lack of good personality disorder. he needs to grow up and you need to somehow move on to better friends. he is extremely immature.

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