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Teenagers nowadays think that OCD is cool and act like they have OCD. They know nothing. Life is really hard with have compulsive disorder. I have OCD. Everything has to be perfect or else I feel as if my mind is going to burst. I can't be normal in public places. People sometimes stare at me as if I am a crazy person because of my actions. I recently started taking some medicines and that has helped me a lot.

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  • I'm a teen and I don't think that. But, I may have a bit of psychopathy, which i 100% doubt. Like just cuz I intentionally injured a bird and let it suffer while burying it alive doesn't mean shit. And that actually happened.

  • Same goes with the bipolar disorder. They say they have it even though they're just being moody. They don't know how hard it is to have one so they should just shut up because they know nothing.

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