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Two guys are interested in me; one of them admitted to having sex with a prostitute, the other has 8 kids with different baby mamas (one of which looks older then me). I'm sorry, but I'll continue to be a virgin at 25 rather then lower my standards.

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  • ok... where do you meet these guys? my advice ( and its completely up to you if you want to follow it or not) is to change your mindset, don't go looking for guys with sex on your mind, focus on finding someone you can relate to and who will give you attention and care for you. If you don't want to change your mindset, look back on all the guys you have met so far. Now that you see that something is wrong, try figuring out what the problem is. ( hint: I already told you what the problem is)

  • Quite a lot of men sleep with prostitutes, sweet cheeks. Get over it, if he's clean then no big deal. Standards are an egocentric thing.

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