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i hate it. my daddy was talking about the university. i said i don't want to go to some university,, after graduate from highschool i just want to be a flight attendant(in my country it can be like that). but he mad to me because i didn't want to go to some university. and he start to talking about scholarship,, and said that i didn't have any skills. so what about my korean language skills? isn't a skill ?? so what??? can you guys help me :,(

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  • i would live for you to be graduated and then attend flight school. it is still graduating from university . talk to your father about it, if he is still stubborn, i am truly sorry.

  • do what you want or you will regret it forever, and will try to erase that mistake... imagine: you would go to learn in the uni, then after a while you'd have enough, then you become deppressive... don't let me continue this further... do what you think is right.

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