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The other day when I woke up and went to school, I didn't have time to go to the bathroom in the morning and I drank a large coffee. I decided to wear pink granny panties and a white skirt that day which was a bad idea. When I got to school a little late in 10th grade math, my teacher wouldn't let me go. He called me to the board to answer a problem. I went up to the board squirming. Finally I couldn't hold it anymore so I squatted down and all the pee came out like a flood. I was sitting there, embarrassed in the puddle of pee crying. He told some girls in the class to help me to the ladies room and told me to get paper towels to clean up my pee. After class, these two girls who had been bullying me dragged me by my pink grant panties to the locker room and left me hanging by my panties in a wedgie on a bathroom stall. What should I do? I am so embarrassed.

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  • ikr I did a vine on my teacher one I asked could I go to the bathroom Ihe said idk could u I got mad and yelled IDK CAN U GET A FULL TIME JOB WITH A WIFE AND KIDS?!?? U DONT EVEN JAVE TO ASK U JUST GO AND U TELLIN ME I CANT?? I then got on his desk and broke his phone. ( I didnt even get a detention then he said idk u can go now and I said u better should of and den left XD

  • Fake

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