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My dads idea of a future for me is: -get good grades -go to the top agricultural university in the country -meet a rich farmer -marry him -have kids Note: I'm female and my dad is a farmer that explains the farmer thingy. My dad doesn't believe in females having their own career and I really want to do art but he doesn't want me to and it's really annoying because he's deciding my future and I'm only 13 years old

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  • Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life. I'm going to culinary school no matter what my dad wants me to do. I'm also in AP art classes and actually got a 4 for my first time and I'm really happy since I got higher then the passing score and everything.I would love to go to art school but I have always loved culinary more but my dad has always tried to make me go to a medical school but that's not who I am.... I've told him count less times that I don't care about money as long as I know what I'm doing and am happy. he's also wanted me to be a veterinarian since he owns a ranch or whatever but look at it this way I love animals..... but I don't like seeing them die. and trust me when I get in the honor roll or whatever it seems like it's not good enough for him but I'm at that age where I'm just saying fxck it ! I know what I want to do in life and I know it's good^^ you should tell him straight up that your still young and that it's YOUR life and not his.You shouldn't do something that you'll hate and regret later on. especially for an art student trust me I know how it feels when they say that artists don't get anywhere or recognized or anything but that's complete bs. Just know what you want to specifically want to do. since I'm majoring in culinary I more into baking and pastries I would want my own bakery one day. if I was majoring in art I would be an animator. Do what makes you smile ^-^/

  • I didn't want this reply to get lost in the chain of replies. OP, I know it's annoying and even hurtful when you work hard on something and someone you admire points out the flaws. But that's what will help you improve. When I was in kindergarten, my teacher told us all to draw an apple and she made me redraw mine 5 times because she didn't like my style. I resent her for that because it's pushed me to draw things as I see them and not stylized like I want to draw. But it did help me improve and looking back I realize that that will help me because some customers can be like that when they pay for a commission. My point is, criticism hurts, but you just gotta take it and learn from it. It will push you to improve.

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