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this female friend of mine (who isn't a crush) had been friends for more than 10yrs with a guy i don't like. she always had him in high regard. two yrs ago she married to another guy that said friend never liked and he changed completely his attitude towards her, like dr jeckyl and mr hyde. for yrs he was the cheapest mf i've ever met but he was always buying her coffee when they hang out. he NEVER bought me anything. not that i'd care, it's just to illustrate a point. anyway bad things were said and there was alot of tension but she refuses to believe that he was an conniving asshole that spend all these years with the hidden motive of trying to bone her dispute huge competition, she's hot. even her husband told her that he's a liar and a hypocrite but she refuses. why? because she's proud and she won't admit that she was wrong all this time about him. today after all the shit that was said they are the best of friends, like nothing happened. it's of no use telling women that they're wrong, it's a losing battle from the start

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  • hahahhaa , you're right . woman is so stubborn

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