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I just want my boyfriend to realize that his life affects me. I love him so much but I NEED him to get his act together for our future. we've been together four years. I understand he doesn't know what he wants to do with his life. I really don't either but at least I'm trying, that's all I wanted him to do. Is it selfish that I just want to make sure that he does well for the both of us. It's my life too and I would prefer him in it. the thing is I don't know if he can help take care of us in the next few years.

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  • The best way for him to know is to express your sentiments to him. Have a heart to heart talk about your future together and your concerns. Your life together should be a mutual effort.

  • add selfish add it may sound, you need to put yourself first, before others. love is great, but you can't eat it, or drink it. if he can't realize that he's failng himself, and in turn making your life hard, than it's time he learns a few life lessons

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