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You are in danger. I was drugged by the US government in an attempt to substantiate a 51-50 claim. They broke in my home to destroy my DVR of their first break in. The people that run this country are the TRUE terrorists. The Patriot Act kept my SD B/I'd from EVER reaching the courtroom. I will NOT go into detail any further but I warn you,OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES! The only reason I knew they drugged me was my very first hospital visit with unexplained amnesia.$15,000 later and no answers. A UA was performed and PCP was found. I said "That is impossible.. do a gas chromatograph!" I had only taken Benadryl and Advil about a week earlier and neither would have caused a false positive. The last thing I had was a Mocha Latte with an extra shot of expresso.. from my job... I did not recognize the guy making it ( but I worked with 6 stores and 400 people) I do remember him taking my drink away and returning with whipped cream. I cannot prove it was him but I am certain. I had already been followed 24/7 for 69 days straight and ever ...look...just heed my fucking warning.. NDAA and the Patriot Act are to be used against us NOT foreign "terrorists"

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  • while it's true that the ndaa and patriot act aren't for the best interests of the nation, I highly doubt your dubious claim on the other stuff.

  • This is what paranoid schizophrenia sounds like

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