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I'm in an 8 year relationship and while he is away on business I got together with this guy I met in primary school. We fucked and it was more amazing than either of us expected. I saw him again and I can't stop thinking about him. I want him again and again. I don't want to leave my partner because I can't see my life without him, nobody can love me like he does. I love him. I am telling myself that being with this guy doesn't mean I don't love my partner or want to leave him... I don't want to think about this... I just want to live in the moment and forget the world for an instant.

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  • U are the worst kind of person.

  • thats just so fucked up, "size is not matter" and "that doesnt mean i dont love him" these lines from woman just sound fucked up to me... if i had wife like you and i know what shes doing fuck i would just leave her, no matter have kids or no. thats just wrong and you have to understand this, HOW CAN GROWN woman DONT THINK WITH HER HEAD, instead thinking with her pussy. fuck you slut.

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