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I've had plastic surgery because in puberty my breasts were very different from each other, one was smaller than the other. And I am scared to death to show myself naked in front of guy. I have a hard time believing that he would truly find me attractive.

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  • lol my ex was like that....one of the things i still remember with a smile haha... I had them named, Jill and Bob, Bob was the little one and the unlucky underdog and i said he was my favorite and always got more attention 😆 stupid shit links me to a happy time in the middle of a clusterfucked situation

  • men don't give a fuck,like for real,if you're naked in front of a guy all he can think of is ''hell yeaaah'' i mean,if it's a guy that's ''in your league'' you know,just trust me,if you are dating a guy,and you get naked,he will be happy.

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