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I just found out that my friend cuts... I do it to... we talk about how messed up our lives are and now we are bffs... now we are making plans to run a way from home and head to New York city with a group of people!! I'm 13... I have stolen before I am bisexual and I am not loved enough at home to stay. no one understands the pain... except the people who I'm going to run away with! in about 2 months I am going to leave my house, family, friends, and life behind and be free... with people who get just how insane I am... and tbh I'm totally mental!! we will have weapons and we will have to steal!! I WILL BE FREE FROM THE PAIN!!

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  • I was exactly you at 13. but my chicken shit friends ducked out just days before leaving. I'm pretty close to new york if u ever need someone. 19 years old, past self harmer.

  • How is this in 'explicit'

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