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The only thing I ever wanted is to cure peaople. I didn't get into medical school, so I feel incredibly stupid. All I can do is crying about it wich makes me feel even more stupid. So now everytime I cross a rode I wish a car would hit me so that I won't annoy anybody anymore with my selfish/coward weeping - expecially my supportive parents.

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  • Don't feel stupid about not getting into medical school. I personally know plenty of really smart people who didn't make it... and just as many idiots who did. Not getting into medical school doesn't necessarily mean you're stupid. Sometimes, sadly, it's about who you know... not *what* you know. If it means that much to you to cure people, don't give up on that dream!!! There are a lot of careers that involve helping people - social work, teaching, nursing, etc... if medical school doesn't work out, I'm sure you'll find another career that will be equally, if not even more rewarding than being a doctor. And someday, you'll most likely look back at your life and feel so happy that you followed that career path instead... Also, please talk to a friend, family, member, or guidance counselor about your feelings. I'm sure your parents would be heartbroken if you died - they'd much rather have you alive, weeping and all. Heck, I've never met you and I would be upset if you died - you sound like a very sincere and lovely person, and the world needs more people like you! Best of luck to you and keep us updated

  • Why dont you try youth work or kids work? There are a lot of people out there who need cure.

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