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im in love with my bestfriend and we are friends about 6 years i dont know what should i do should i say? but also i dont wanna lose him what if our friendship finishes and he goes? i have rejected all other boys i have had no boyfriend for 4 years because i wanna him not others he has no girlfriend too and he isnt in love with anyone i feel so confused so what is the best way for me? to tell or to be silent?

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  • living with the regret of not telling him will be painful. Talk to him and tell him how you feel. You have been friends for a long time, this won't end it, it doesn't have to end your friendship. Good luck, I wish you all the best ( from a a guy who fell for his friend, and his friend didn't fall for him. we are still friends)

  • tell. either you get rejected or accepted, at least you have your load decreased by confessing. that, if you're brave enough to face the consequences

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