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if you ever feel bad about your love life, let me tell you something. I have this crush for almost 7 years, we talk a lot and fits each other much as a support friendship. since I know he has yet an interest towards love and relationship, in between my admiration to him, I have few flings here and there. in the end I'm still getting drawn back to him and then by the end of 2014, I braced my self to confess. I told him how I felt about our close proximity to each other for the past 7years. in the end I need to face the fact that my 7 years crush turned into nothing he felt guilty from misleading my feelings but he can't help but to say "I'm sorry, I know I've been cruel for treating you that way all this time, but I can't give you an assurance that you'll be my partner in life" FOR THOSE FUCKING NERDS WHO FEEL PATHETIC OF THEIR LOVE LIFE, LET ME TELL YOU THE PAIN OF HAVING YOUR 7YEARS WAITING TURNED INTO NOTHINGNESS. stop whining bitches, because the world still runs eventho your love is in a deepshit

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  • ok you beat me man, i had 5years crush with my friend that turned into nothing cause i never had the courage to tell her. 7years? that's fucked up

  • you should have loved yourself more. so is your fault

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