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I love the taste of blood. In fact you could say I am obsessed with it. When I see blood it takes all my strength not to try to lick it up (granted I only take someone else's blood if I know they are clean). It's wonderful taste is almost orgasmic. I love seeing others in pain :). Human expressions are truly wonderful. Especially the emotions of fear, pain, and sadness, but sometimes it is better to just play with their emotions, or to "push their buttons" as some would say. People can judge me, but they are just hypocrites and ignorant to their own evils...we are all evil in our own way :).

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  • judging a girl because she would like to get gangbanged but being a psychopath yourself is very hypocritical, now isn't it!?

  • Are you male? If so, would you consider eating a girl out on her period?

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