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I can't get close to anyone. I'm not sure why. I just don't care about anyone. Maybe it's my family. My parents have been the coolest parents of all time, I can't speak to them though. They don't talk to me either. I have 2 older brothers, but they're 10 and 15 older than me. We're not even friends. We're just siblings but our relationship is no more than that. Maybe it's my past. I changed school 3 times and never kept in touch with my past friends. I have friends today. But they never confess to me and I never confess to them. And let's not talk about love... I mean I dream to have that friend I can spend time with, doing nothing, not being afraid of a blank in a conversation, not feeling bored around him/her at anytime, someone I'd know everything about. I can't even make friends on the internet, I just don't care about anyone. And though, I feel lonely. It's probably just me. Something's wrong in head and I don't know what.

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  • im with you

  • Some people just don't care about being with someone. I don't.

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