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You left without telling me what's wrong. Didn't give me an explanation. Just ignored me. And I guess .. That's all I have to say. I'm hurt because you said you care and you obviously didn't. I didn't give you any reasons to just leave me like that and ignore me. But I'm setting you free. If that's what you want then go ahead - do you. But don't come later on trying to get me back. Because I'm so hurt, my heart is broken. And you can't just leave and come back into my life like that. It's not fair! I got it from now on. You can go. I'll be fine. I'll do good and I'll find someone else as you probably have too. Wish you the best, even when all you cause me was pain and tears. Good luck.

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  • i can relate to this.. it was simply like he never existed.

  • Good Luck for u 😹

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