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Only if u are strong enough to read if you aren't DON'T READ. When I meet my husband he was a good man but after a couple of months he stop making love with me, he said he was worried for money stuff but after I discovered he was actually watching adult content (pics of women) and that was the real reason he don't take care of me. After months doing the same It started to kill my confidence and my emotional stability so he promised to stop. I was thinking he stopped but the truth was he learned how to hide his movements. I was better, and hugging him telling him I was happy cos he stopped it and he was pretending he was a good husband. But then a month ago I found pics in swimsuit of the wife of his uncle that my husband stolen from her fb... So he said that it was to show me how young and pretty she was and how lucky is his uncle cos he was older. But at 3 am and 15 pics to show me that is too much and it was a senseless explanation. So finally he confess me that he was looking in a different way those pictures and not just because he was impressed, in other opportunities he told me that he liked to see other woman just cos he would like to have a super good looking woman but cos he knows he can't the most closer he have was pics on Internet. And also confess me today that he like women with voluptuous bodies. I have to say that I understand that everyone have rights to like different things, but he lied to me telling me I was his type when he meet me, saying me that he respect me until he was playing with those things in the same bed until I fall asleep begging him to make love, that he really loves me, that he cares about my feelings me. I'm not a ugly woman NOT I'm not, actually I'm prettier than a lot of women he like to see, the difference is that I'm not extremely voluptuous, I'm all natural and my body shape is natural beauty, I also was a model and I'm a caring, smart and loyal women, with a super cute face... I don't get it. He keeps saying he loves me but why he does this to me and even if this is a psychologist problem why he doesn't look for help? And after all he say he like different kind of women.... And say that he need to see something different... I know I'm not bat in bed actually I'm super good, so what I don't have that those girls have? Even the wife of his uncle have it... He thought she was so pretty that even knowing she was family (indirect buy family) him see her in a sexual way. I'm super affected for this really should I divorce?

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  • The comment made me think this was about rape or something that would actually affect my psyche in any way. You shouldn't write that at the start, this is probably why you get so many negative comments. Lots of people who visited this site went through a lot of horrible stuff and maybe feel offended. Okay, and now for some advice. Looking at porn doesn't affect his feelings for you. Either he loves you, or he doesn't. Guys who like porn ALWAYS like it, whether they are in a relationship or not. But I really understand that you feel bad because he masturbates to porn and doesn't want to have sex with you. I would, too. You could try to talk it out and tell him why you feel bad about it, but he won't stop looking at porn. It's like I wouldn't stop eating chocolate or reading. Maybe you should try counselling. Hearing the opinion of a professional always helps. He won't ever look at your baby this way, he likes curvy women, not children. There is a huge difference between people who like to watch porn and pedophiles. So, as I've said, I really understand why you are upset, and I'd be, too, but I think you are mostly upset about the wrong thing.

  • you should become a pornstar he will see you on internet. problem solved.

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