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Throughout my life I have experienced many bad things some good but mostly bad. I have beaten it but to do so I had to change. I left the caring emotional boy, and said hello to the new me. I truly like him he is strong. He is not easily bothered or troubled, but people call him heartless and that they fear him. He laughs at them. He already knows he has no care for others. He threw it away for survival sake. He embraced the darkness he held. The new him was someone who was hard for people to figure out, two sides, one dull and reserved, and the other sadistic and loving of destruction and chaos. Feeding off of others feelings. So different yet the same. They both are always present, both are shown in various degrees, yet people either unable or unwilling to except both. He cares not if people like him. He's knows the way he is he cannot have any real relationships. Too cold, too disturbed. He loves the way he is, but no one can see the full of either, lest they run rampant. A third side hidden the little boy scared of the two others who threaten him and keep him imprisoned with no light. He is the beginning...but they see no need for him he is weak, and the master that controls them despises the third, always trying to kill him off. The third is the beginning....but now is his end.

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  • i love a guy like you , its mysterious

  • you talk about yourself like a goddamn idiot... He is... he that... lol... instead of I... lmao

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