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i though my sexuality was fixed until i started noticing that i liked girls. i didn't know if it was a phase or something teenagers would do but i couldn't help but to think of "what ifs" in my head. one i asked out a girl who said yes. her name was L. we dated for 3 months and I'm going to be honest, it was sweet at first then it came crashing down. we argued more than we laughed. i hated myself because i wasn't up to her expectations and when we broke up, she told me that the effort and love i put in her was meaningless. it's been over 1 year now and I've gotten over her. however, no matter how much I hated her for putting me in a lot of pain, somewhere in my heart, it's telling me that I'm always going to be in love with her.

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  • How the fuck do you "fix" your sexuality?

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