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I am sick and tired of crybaby black folks whining about every little thing that offends them. 13% of you in America are black. 50% of ALL murders are attributed to your race. Your race tops the charts on almost every single serious felony.13% and yet you glorify violence in rap, want to wear your pants around your ankles and want a flag taken down .. You complain about the police but don't complain about abortion killing more black babies than the KKK killed . You run around getting your "hoes and bitches" pregnant just before you get busted selling dope leaving those kids without a father and leaving the mother to rely on welfare and food stamps. You want equality but that isn't true.Equality means "history" not "black history" . Equality means you get a job not a welfare check.Equality means you vote for the right man not the right color. Slavery still exists and how do you support it? By purchasing Jordan's. If all that you are willing to claim is that the white man is out to get you..then perhaps you aren't seeing the truth.

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