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*DEEP SIGH* I have a sister and she freaks the hell out of me ... I am 19 and she's 12 .. she has two faces one ( angle ) and the other ( fucking devil bitch ) one day she loved me from the bottom of her heart and the other day she turned into a bitch who burn my nerves ...and guess what one day she had a fight with my elder sis and she was a fucking gasoline she turn the house into a hell my mom and dad fought , me and other sis I am started to believe that she's the devil in human shape ... well I am trying to keep the angle in her but she keeps to show me her devil ... today she said ( I'll kick your ass ) not literally but it was more like a threat.... I was shocked I am not weak but I am not a bitch either I am strict but she's completely crazy and I done with her I don't want her ( angle ) or her ( devil )

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  • Get her a psychiatrist maybe she's a bipolar or having a multipersonality disorder.

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