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hey there guys. i met this amazing girl 2 years ago. after talking to here she looked like a really sweet girl so i asked her. i got friendzoned tho. bud around a half year back she came back! here feelings were so strong for me and she was so in love. bud i wasnt. i was in such a need for love that i played along to at least feel someting. a soon as we hat a reallationship she started sending me nudes and stuff. i hated it bud didndt say Anything about it. i could have it anymore so i broke up. bud we still have some kind of conection. we still talk and she still send me nudes. i feel so bad. she is just so in love and i dont want to hurt her. her nudes got leaked by accident, bud she didnt really care some how. so, what should i do? hook up again whit her? stay the way we are? just be friend again? or just get here out of my life? sometimes i wanne marry this women, bud sometimes i wanne kill her. she is this 'stay strong' kind of girl and always looking for attention. alto she can be super cute. she gives me the love i want/need. i think that if i leav her again i wil fall back in my depression... (me grammer sucks i know, its not my first language and im badly dislectic so pleas forgif me)

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  • i'm in a similar situation. by any chance is she from london? is she indian descendant? few tattos?

  • She sounds like a whore...you could continue talking to her but don't go beyond that. End the relationship and don't even think about marrying her

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