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I am absolutely head over heels for this wonderful man. he has a girl friend he doesn't like. today he told me that he didn't want to be single because if he was he would have to deal with the people who want to be with him. he knows I love him.... but I just... can't help to be jealous about his gf... I can't help but to feel so upset when they do things together. I wish it were me.... and the biggest secret.... I can't even tell you...:/ what do I do???

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  • you let his gf know he doesn't want to be with her he just doesn't want to be alone and they really need to have a heart to heart and you need to tell him you love him but he needs to let his current gf down gently if he likes you back like start off I'm loosing feelings and give it sometime because if she believes he feels the sane which is crap and he just up and left that would break her heart how would you feel you know figure it all out maybe he isn't with you because maybe he's not ment for you maybe you think he's amazing but he's really horrible

  • you're both stupid but 🍕🍕🍕🍕 Have some pizza

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