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It's really hard not having a mom, I just don't know how someone that special could die. It's been years but seems like it only hurts me more. I hate all of this

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  • I lost my mom when I was 8. I feel so alone everyday of my life since my father doesn't give a fuck about me. I'm already 21 and I'm wondering about my life if the only person who loves me still alive.

  • my cousin lost her mom in 2004 she's 20now has two baby boys and she lost her daddy her brother and sister they were murdered a couple years ago and she has horrible thoughts and is easily upset it is hard to loose someone so close to you my mom hates me but I lost my grandma the one who lived me like a mom and it still bothers me the easiest way to get through the day is to think of what good you got from having her in your life and how proud she would be of you

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