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So my aunt apparently thinks that just because her 8 year-old talks sassy like a 18 girl, she's mature. Excuse me, dear, but your daughter does nothing but show that you shouldn't raise children, OK? And if she wants to act like a 18 year old and yell at me and my family, so I'll act according to the situation and fucking yell at her too. God dammit, why do we mistake misbehavior and lack of education with maturity? Those have nothing to do with each other!

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  • my boyfriends daughter just turned 9 and she is the most foul little girl ever. her father is a millionare and let's her act whatever way because she lives with her mom and he feels like he has to kiss her ass to make up for the fact he doesn't always have her. She farts in public won't shower or brush her teeth.

  • The moral of the story is stupid people raise stupid kids?

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