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i have a huge secret which can kill people and make them question the world and religious things I dont know if i should even say it i am currently 16 and i have been through somethings no one would understand or believe i honestly do not care if anyone believes me or not that is your decision what if i were to tell you werewolves were real ? yes i didnt believe them till a couple months ago please comment if ou wish to hear more

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  • my kik is angel_elite55

  • like i said you don't have to believe me and to answer your question humans cant survive but werewolves are not human they have certain genes and dna to make them look human but they are not, the bite is poisonous which killls and very few times it changes people but rarely. to be able to turn you need the worst health ever so your body just takes it or else if you were in very healthy condition your body will fight it like an affection which in result the poison kills you the poison changes you if you survive and changes your genes inside you which make you able to transform and survive you dont have to believe me i know the truth

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