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I think it's rude when a boy (especially) questions me on whether my hair is "real" or not. How is it possibly your concern

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  • Women and what's fake and real. To keep this short, I'll only talk about hair. Real hair vs. fake hair: Women who have real long hair, in my opinion, are far more beautiful than woman with short hair, but it makes no difference in personality. Now women with short hair and extentions I find repulsive. Why the huge difference? Well, if a girl wants long hair, shoot for it! It's alot of work and maintenance. It's a large responsibility. But if you don't want to take that responsibility and want to take the easy, lazy rout, where does that make your personality shine? It doesn't. It only shows that weak part of you. Honestly if a man wants a real relationship, a sign of weakness can bring alot of things into his mind. 'What if our relationship gets rough? Is she just going to take the easy rout and give up?' and such thoughts. And part two, a girl who takes that extra effort for being real and putting in that work, has much more confidence in herself which I find attractive. The more confident a woman is with herself the better. Real is in, fake is out. He has all the right for your hair being real or fake to be his concern.

  • The world would be better (especially for women), if nobody did anything fake, no makeup, no fake boobs, no fake hair, no fake gender, none of that fake shit. People need to accept and embrace themselves in their natural skin, there's no excuse to be doing that unless your weak. If more people stopped the fake stuff, (just like they followed people who did the fake stuff) people would follow like a sheep and also stop.

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