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lowkey stopped talking to my bestfriend because im scared my bf and her will have sex oneday behind my back ,im too insecure or careful?

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  • You're fucking paranoid. I can't believe you'd give up a friend for a relationship that might not last!

  • Well my ex did what you want to do. I say don't do it. She pushed all her friends away because she was afraid they or I would do something. I talked to a few of her friends, and if anything, we're all just friends now. I never really wanted to have sex with them or anything, especially when I was dating her. NOW ON THE CONTRARY TO WHAT I JUST SAID, I once dated another girl for a few months, and when some issues came into our very short relationship, I approached her friend about it for help, and her best friend was more than willing to cheat on her boyfriend to get me to have sex with her (which I didn't... Not till after the girl and I broke up about a month later). So you could worry maybe later, if you two didn't work out, if you have a low key slut friend, maybe something would happen, but for now I'd trust them and be happy your friends can be his friends!

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