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hes my ex and im in a relationship and he has been single since we broke up 3 years ago and he is good looking so idk why he hasnt gotten into a relationship could it be cause of me? he always tells me that he misses me and likes me even more than before,that girls just wanna have sex with him and that i was different ?

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  • it could be true. My ex and I were in a relationship for almost 3 years, and then she cheated on me (all in a week span) with 4 different guys. We broke up over a year ago, and to this day I'm still single and she isn't. I've dated girls, but no girls my age want anything serious. (I'm 19 btw. I've dated from 17-23.) So many just want either sex or to take advantage of you. I don't understand. Then there's the girls who cheat on their current boyfriend to mess around with you. I've come to realize my ex was the best relationship I've ever had, and that I'll never be able to replace it. It's sad to think I wish we could just be back together, after all she's done to me.. So I COMPLETELY understand your ex. And I understand you. I say do what you feel in your heart. Just remember, there's a reason you two broke up, and if you are going to get back together, that they've changed and won't do what they did wrong before.

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