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I have so many friends, you see me laughing all the time, i am the girl that gets the party started, i am the girl the will always cheer you up, i am the girl that every guy falls in love with. And yet i fell so empty, so lonely. I cry myself to sleep every night.

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  • Its not about being a drama queen. Im exactly like her, and most people think of me as the nicest and least shallow they know. Now, i can't be certain that her situation is like mine, but if it is then the feeling of loneliness is because of not belonging anywhere. It's like this, you fit in everywhere, you're the light of the party and every person you meet you touch. But you don't realllyyy belong anywhere, you don't really feel as happy and fulfilled as you seem. And the you evertbody loves? That's not really you, it's this happy, perfect social shell that you have created over the years.

  • or a teenage drama queen.

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