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People tell me its okay to look younger then my real age that when I'm older/old I'll look younger(I guess which is good) But I find it a little annoying when people call me a 12 year old ...... when I'm actually 18. If not 12 to some others I look 14 or 15. I'm learning how to deal with it but when I graduate I'll be turning 19 in the summer and then college .... like will people think I'm like 16 or something while In college ?? Does anyone else go through this lol ? 😒

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  • I have exactly the same thing. It may be really annoying most of the time but there are perks. People pay more attention to your personality and people are gentler when talking to you.

  • If they think your young in college just look at them and say so what if I am young or not you'll never know and that's what made me a genius to be here

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