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is it something i did that caused you to hate me, did i dress wrong today, did i not style my hair nice, am i thin, was i too quiet. why do you bully me, i did nothing. i cry myself to sleep every night because of you. you make fun of my height and me being so smart. the teachers stand by and watch sometimes, some snicker. its rubbish. i wanna leave, i wanna be gone from this earth because of you. you hit me today.. it was a punch.. i couldn't tell my aunt what happened. im done with the name calling and the abuse, im standing up for myself bitch..

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  • Pain is only temporary it's not a permanent state my dear. You will heal and be stronger for it.

  • I had the same experience and it's so painful to feel that you are lonely. Today I can't forget it but I'm sure these cruel kids will face something else painful in the future. Be strong

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